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Premier Series Stand-Assist Sling

From Invacare

Stand-assist sling for use with Invacare Roze Lift, Invacare Reliant 350 Lift and Invacare Get-U-Up Lift.  View more

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The Invacare Premier Series Stand-Assist Sling is ideal for quick toileting, weight bearing practice and transfers from bed to chair, or chair to bed for cooperative users who are partially dependent with 50% or greater weight-bearing capacity, and have head and neck control. This sling comes in the following options: Small (Navy binding, gray body), Medium (Purple binding, gray body), Large (Green binding, gray body), Extra Large (Blue binding, gray body).
Sizes Available Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Material Solid Polyester Fabric
Colors Body - Gray, Bindings - Navy, Blue, Purple, Green (depending on size chosen)
Overall Width - Small 50.0"
Overall Width - Medium 46.1"
Overall Width - Large 50.0"
Overall Width - Extra Large 71.3"
Overall Height - Small 10.2"
Overall Height - Medium 13.0"
Overall Height - Large 14.2"
Overall Height - Extra Large 14.2"
Weight capacity 450 lbs.
  • Clear labeling and easy attachment points simplify attaching the sling confidently
  • Easily adjusted to ensure comfortable and secure fit
  • Polyester fabric can be laundered - see label for instructions