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Hospital Services

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On-Site Hospital Liaisons & Consignment Closets  

Western Drug Medical Supply employs several Hospital Liaisons and Account Representatives who work directly with Case Manager and Discharge planners during the discharge process. Our Liaisons are able to streamline the referral process and will ensure that all aspects of service are attended to from start to finish. Many facilities are outfitted with consignment closets to stock commonly dispensed DME during discharge. Some of these items may include crutches, canes, walkers, nebulizers, and oxygen tanks. On-site stock of supplies allows hospital staff to dispense a prescribed item and expedite a pt. Discharge. Our Liaisons regularly oversee consignment stock and can additionally assist with the following functions: 

  • Referral Coordination 

  • Eligibility Verification  

  • Medical Record Requests and Retrieval 

  • Scheduling of Delivery 

  • Authorization Requests 

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